The work involves a film documenting different people from diverse backgrounds, talking about dreams that they had. These accounts inform the content of the second element of the game, a self-designed video game.


The work explores the way dreams and images function, revealing a space of similarity and dissimilarity between the two, as well as playing with how our realities and perceptions, in the digital age, are constructed.


The film and the game are merged together in one projection:  the game in the background and the film slightly translucent in the foreground. The film is edited to allow two-seconds intervals between small sequences, revealing the entire game screen from time to time.


The audience is invited to interact with the work via a game controller.


Special thanks to:

Lorenza Brancadoro, Cici Chan, Jake Huddart, Amy Yuen Hui, Chuen Hui, Patrick Hui, Ma Chui Hui, Bob-Bicknell Knight, Tiffany Lau, Tommas Orban, Zoe Tsang.


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