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00:10 – 01:30  -  Few touches with knife, no significant damage.


02:15 – 02:56  -  “Oh my God!”



03:35 – 05:23  -  “Destroy it?”

“Did you read this?”

“To the face?” “You can do anything to anything.”

“Cool, oh wow!”

“Is he recording this?”

“He is, look.”

“Should we do it?”(04:12)


“So mean!”

“I’m not a vandal.”

“This is fun!”

“This is vandal!”

“It is dead now.”

“I don’t want to like, smash it.”(4:32) *Laughter*

“Oh my God, it is talking, it is scary!” (4:50) “This is creeping me out” (4:52)

“I find it weird cutting into someone’s face!” *Major hit @ 5:00* some were shocked, some laughed.

“Oh my God!”


“I feel terrible.”


05:31 – 6:31  -  “This is creepy”

*scratched with knife*

“That’s so cool!”

*Hit, then laughter*


7:10 – 7:28  -  Did not do anything, No damage.


8:20 – 9:18  -  “Please read before entry”

“Oh my God!”

“Fuck this shit, I am going”

“Is this real?”

“Oh my days!”

“What the fuck?”

“It’s amazing!”

“We suppose to hit it?”

“What? Shut up?!”

*Hit with hammer*

“Don’t! This is art work!”

“You suppose to!”

*2 more viewers walked in*

“Ow! That’s creepy.”

“Are you sure?!”

“Yea! You meant to, that’s what it says!”

“It’s so scary, it’s like looking at you and everything!”

“I can do it.”

“I feel like I’m a murderer”

“That’s Malak.”

“Is he making a video?!”

“No! Oh my God!”


“Oh no”


9:50 – 12:33  -  “Wow! Oh my God”

“Oh my God, this is creepy”

“Oh you can take a…”

*reading instruction out loud*

“That’s really cool!”

Holy f..”

“I don’t want to do that, it’s vile!”

“Oh my God, this is creepy”

“I want to get out.”

“No no, choose a weapon, Execution, Place weapon back.”

“No, don’t!”

“Let’s do it!”


(10:42) “Errrr!”

“is amazing!”

“Don’t syringe her.”

“People have scraped her.”

*Hit with hammer*

“Oh my God!”


“This is really… I can’t.” *Left room and entered again*


“Did you just laughed then?”

*Laughter, Hit, Laughter*

“It’s like the 4 witches……”

“This is just creepy.”

“This is really fun!”

“Oh my God, I feel really gross.”

“Shit, what if we are not supposed to do this?” “It says you can!”

“That’s cool!”

“She’s quite ……”



“Die, who cut into her eye ball?”

“Let’s try this.”

*Major hit @ 11:40* *Laughter*

“Is it filming?!”

“Yea, he is filming.”

“Oh my!”

“This is too…”

“I have seen this once in the …… exhibition.” (12:22) *Broke nose* *Laughter*

“Oh my God!”

“You are brutal!”

“Guys you need to leave!”

*Hit, Laughter*

“Too much fun!”


13:14 – 13:40  -  “Oh my Lord!”

“This is too wrong.”

*Left room, did not do anything*


!4: 01 – 14:16  -  “So scary!”

“That’s so scary”

*Left room, did not do anything*


15:30 – 15:45  -  *Took 3 photos, left room, did not do anything*


18:01 – 18:04  -  *Peeked in* ‘That’s amazing!”

*Left room, did not do anything*


Without recording (approx 2 minutes) -   Asu weren’t sure about damaging the head at the beginning, 2 students convinced him to stab a syringe needle on nose.




Maximum of 3 viewers at once.

Back ground audio: “ I dare you…I Double dare you…” repeatedly. Duration: 00:00:19

Duration of video: 00:19:19


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