Artist Bio

John Hui was born in Hong Kong in 1993. Hui attained his BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, University of Arts London in 2016. Hui currently lives and works in Hong Kong and London, UK.


Hui works between Fine Art and Design, finding recourse in the act of indulging his ideas in a vast array of medium and nature.


Eminently, abstraction and minimalism are continuous characteristics in his work. Through interpreting and processing the essence of things, it recontextualises them and allows new perspectives to be engaged with.


In his recent artwork, he developed an interest in the function of digital images, the realities it constructs and its dream-like-qualities. In so doing, he asks his subjects to recall their most memorable dream experiences and reinterpret these stories through digital media, i.e. computer-game and films. Questioning the nature of experiences: is the lived experience the work, or is the memory imprinted in the audience the work itself?


Hui’s work has been showcased and presented in numerous exhibitions and events both in Hong Kong and the UK. His notable exhibitions include ones at the Aspary Gallery, London (2015);  The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), Hong Kong (2014); Wayward Gallery, London (2014); ACME Project Space, UK (2013). In 2016, Hui had the opportunity to present his work at Google HQ, Hong Kong. Also, In  2012, he won an international Art competition, titled Who are you?, hosted by the Arts University of Bournemouth, UK. His work was being showcased on billboards throughout the UK.





Artist Statement


In my work, I tend to give a vague narrative to the story that I intend to tell. By distancing the narrative and story through their forms and contradicting /contrasting appearances, reality is set in constant conflict. In this way I hope to produce abstracted ideas and new meanings.


I see abstraction as a great way to develop a different understanding of the way we see images and exploiting technology. Perhaps for many, technology and social media are seen as tools, which they have some control over, i.e. that they can put their cell phones down or disconnect from the internet like a temporary vacation from all the information and digital chaos.


As Marshall McLuhan has famously put it, 'The medium is the message' and late on adapted to 'The medium is the massage'. I believe that the 'message' (or nature) of technology is deeply rooted within us since the beginning, it is not something that can be reversed culturally or perceptually. Though, pessimism is not implied here, but rather, it calls for an urge to grasp technology's ambiguous nature and an urge to question our 'massaged' beings.


I see my work as being eminently social and practical. My works might manifest in many different forms and appear to be very different to each other. But the core idea that bounds my practice together is the dialogue created that responds to the construct of worldly experiences or 'realities'. In a way that it recognises the potentials in technology upheld by neoliberalistic societies.


To make art is not to answer, but to reason and negotiate.






1993                      Born in Hong Kong

2016                      Graduated in BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

Present                 Work in London and Hong Kong

Selected group exhibitions

2016                     The Economist Gallery of Numbers, Google HQ, Hong Kong

2016                     Chelsea Fine Art Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London – In collaboration with Bob Bicknell-Knight

2015                     Lost Cache, Apiary Gallery, London

2014                     Passport to Pimlico: May Day Art Day, Churchill Gardens Estate, London, UK

2014                     When Arts Meet, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), Hong Kong

2014                     BASH, Wayward Gallery, London, UK

2013                     C3, ACME Project Space, London, UK

2013                     When Arts Meet, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2012                     Central Saint Martin’s Foundation Show, Central Saint Martin's, London, UK



2012                    Winner of the International Art competition Who Are You?, The Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth, UK

                            David Carroll Fine Art Prize, St John's College, UK

                            Design and Technology Subject Prize, St John's College, UK

2010                    Jenkins Art and Ceramic Prize, St John's College, UK

2009                    David Carroll Fine Art Prize, St John's College, UK



2016-Ongoing    BANYE, London, UK

2015                    Unspoken, Hong Kong

2014                    Frontier Economics, London, UK



2012 Mar            Art Student knows exactly who he is, The News, Portsmouth, UK

2011 Sep             A room now with a view, The News, Portsmouth, UK

2011 Jun             School end of year art show open to public, The News, Portsmouth, UK










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